Chattooga Belle Farm Bridal Session | Mrs. Cottrell



What. The. Heck. It doesn’t get better than this, y’all. When Shannon asked if I’d be willing to travel up to Chattooga Bell Farm to photograph her bridals I said, “uh, YEAH!” I was excited not only because Shannon is so gorgeous and sweet but I got to check out the venue before their wedding! It is such a gorgeous space and I’ll always say yes to a wedding here! Shannon brought her mom and sister along and I brought Emili as a travel buddy/assistant. The five of us had a great time walking around the property, talking about how the wedding would be set up and just talking about life in general. I’ve also decided Shannon could never take a bad picture and I’m just trying to decide which one I’m getting printed to showcase in my office. I cannot wait for y’all to see Shannon and Thomas’ wedding day!

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