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I’ve been thinking about doing this for months now and never had the courage. I always made up excuses like “well, I’m still a “new” photographer” or “nobody will sign up” but realizing where I started in photography and where I am now in such a short amount of time, I knew I wanted to start offering one-on-one mentoring sessions! I taught dance for five years and I think teaching is just in my blood! I whole heartedly believe one of the best things you can do for your business is invest in education. I’ve been investing in more education since college and will continue to do so because this is a business where you can never stop learning!

What I’m offering during this one-on-one time is to help you individually and design a meeting for your specific needs. I wish I had someone when I was first getting started to answer my questions and help me so here’s what’s included:

1 session $150 | Q+A, 30 minute headshot session with me

3 sessions $375 | 3 Q+A sessions, one 30 minute headshot session with me, website + branding assistance

5 sessions $650 | 5 Q+A sessions, one 30 minute headshot session with me, website + branding assistance, shadow me on one of my sessions!

Sessions will be offered on weekdays and very limited weekend dates. To schedule your mentoring session, fill out this form or email me at I will start offering sessions on Monday, February 26th. I am so excited for you to invest in your education and be part of your photography journey!

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