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I decided to write a more “personal” post for today’s blog. I think everyone knows by now that Jared and I decided to get a puppy! Skyler (Skye) Grey came home with us on December 7, 2017 and she has quickly become the center of our lives, lol! Skye is an Australian Shepperd and is 4 months old now! She is so smart and such a cuddle bug. Jared and I had always talked about dogs and what kind of dogs we would own one day. If you know me, you know I have ALWAYS wanted a golden retriever. Don’t ask me why – I can’t give an actual answer. I just really want a golden; I mean, don’t most people? We would joke about getting a puppy but then say “let’s just wait until after the wedding and after we buy a house”. Well, clearly that didn’t happen. We had found a couple puppies around town at the pound and other adoption locations but they were all getting adopted before we could get to them. After a couple days of searching and hoping, we decided it wasn’t meant to be to get a puppy right now and I really did want that golden retriever to be our first dog. Well the next night, Jared came home and said he found our puppy. I kind of rolled my eyes because I was exhausted from getting my hopes up all week. He pulled up a picture of Skye and I think I instantly fell in love. Later that night, we decided to tell her breeder to hold her for us and we’d be picking her up that weekend. From Wednesday to Saturday felt a month long but it was so worth it! Skye came home with us that afternoon and we have been loving on her ever since!

Skye’s favorite things to do: cuddle with mom and dad, play with her toys and stare out the back door! She’s now four months old and weighs 18 pounds! Please let me know if you’d like to hear more about our adventures with Skye, some of our favorite dog products, etc. I’d love to write more blogs about our favorite girl (: Here’s a couple images from the day we got her until now!

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