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South Carolina Photographer | Favorite Columbia Session Spots


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Happy Sunday friends!! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more and I thought this would be a perfect post for all my couples deciding on an engagement session location! There are several spots for sessions in Columbia and today I’ll be sharing my favorite and most used locations when shooting. I’d love to hear some of your favorite locations to visit in the Columbia area!

1.The Lace House & Gardens

The Lace House and Gardens is my absolute FAVORITE location in Columbia for sessions. I mean, as you can see from these images, it’s stunning! It’s such a great setting for romantic engagement pictures and a really pretty spot for senior pictures as well! I hope to work at the Lace House LOTS in the future!

2.The State House

The State House is one of the locations I use the most in downtown Columbia. This location is great because it’s like five locations in one! For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know that this tree in particular is my favorite spot at the State House 😉


3.The Horseshoe

I think it’s no surprise that the Horseshoe is one of my favorite locations as well; go gamecocks! 😉 The Horseshoe is the heart of USC’s campus and is a great choice for engagement photos! Like the State House, the Horseshoe is like having several locations all in one spot. There’s different scenery around the Horseshoe which makes it so unique.


4.The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk is perfect for couples who love the outdoors! There’s several different settings which makes it so easy to just walk along the river and make stops along the way for your session!


5.Downtown Fields

Okay, so I don’t have actual names for these fields, haha! But these fields, I have to say, are my absolute FAVORITE locations to shoot in! I just love how the sun sets in locations like these and how romantic of a setting they are. If you’ve ever been photographed by me you know how much I freak out when the lighting is just right and we are in a field; I just can’t help it!

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